“Part of the game, not of the table”

Update 23/02/14


We are in the process of moving to a new website platform which is a bigger job than it first seemed. We’re moving stuff over to it as we retake some pics and ad new products and this has begun. The new website is fully functional as of now and once all items are moved over this website will redirect to the new one.

While this happens some items will only be available on only one website, this not ideal but it is delaying new ranges and releases and we were receiving many enquiries about new items that were in stock but not available on this website.



Update 06/05/13
Victorian Si-fi
Available at last, this should have been available at the start of the month but we’ve been that busy in the wake of Salute (along with our move - see below) we held it off a week to get stock levels up and to get all the pre-orders for the range that were placed at Salute despatched as well. Hopefully the wait will be worth it, the initial rather large release is available in a few flavours and then with some rather cool expansions as well that will be available right behind them which will take the range to a whole new level (sorry that should be levels) and we don’t just mean up either.
G046 PubG049 ShopG045 House x2G053 Town Hall

In addition to this we’re also on the move to some new and larger premises which we’ve got some grand plans for. At the moment the contractors are fitting the extraction and wiring up everything in preparation for our move which is planned to take place in a few weeks. Although we’ll probably have a mad few days the lasers will all be moved over the weekend and there should be no noticeable effect as far as our customers are concerned. We’re all very excited about it and can’t wait.

Update 23/04/13

Another small update today with some additions to the
Old West Range. We’ve had these ready for a while and just not had a chance to put them on the website. One new building and then some additions that will make for some smaller pieces on your tabletop. We have a Sheriff’s Office with Brick rear and interior Cells. Then there is a Gallows for those who’s stay with the Sheriff is more serious. Finally we have a Wagon and a Fencing Set to fill out your board.

D045 Sherrifs1 D045 Sherrifs2 D041 Gallows

D035 Wagon1 D036 Fence Set

Update 22/04/13

Well Salute is done for another year and we survived another long, fun and busy day. It was great to get a chance to chat to some of you and also show off some of our new stuff which went down very well and it seems your as excited about as us. We took young AJ along with to his first ever show and he’s still buzzing about it as are we.

Firstly the
Japan 28mm range is now all up and available to buy. We’re stocked up with them and they are available for immediate despatch.

Japan 2_wmJapan Samurai House 5_wm

Second up
System ∞ SciFi we’ve got several new additions to the range all of which again are stocked up and available now. Firstly we’ve got the rather large Multi Level Centre Point building to which you can add additional floors due to it’s stacking assembly. The building features internal stairs, walls and doorways. Next there is a small Workshop variant of the popular Warehouse. This has a similar footprint to the existing Explorer Pod. Lastly we’ve got the first of two Water Tower models. We’ve got some more to bring you for the range in the near future.

S050 Centre PointS007 Storage PodS052 Water Tower

As if that’s not enough we’ll be putting up our Gaslamp Alley VSF range in the next couple of days. We’e stocking up just now and we’ll have these ready to start going out on the 1st of May. More details and pics to come this week.

Update 26/03/13

Far to long since our last update but as you’ll see we have been very, very busy. Lost of news so here goes......

Movement Trays & Bases - We’ve just added Conversion movement trays to the store. These allow you to rank up your round based units so for instance if you have some cheeky Daemons in a 40K army and fancy using them in a new WFB army then these are for you. As usual there are more options than you’ll probably even need but if what you want isn’t there then give us a shout. We’ve also added some gun team bases. These are handy for putting your WW2 (or similar) gun teams on and have removable cutout for taking casualties away as required.

25C5x4_new 25M2x1BA_new


A brand new range of 28mm buildings for some gaming in the far east. Your Samurai, Ninja and Ronin will love these but some of them would be of use if you game in other periods in the East. Here are a couple of renders and pics to whet your appetite. We’re busy cutting stock right now and these will all be at Salute next month and on the website in the next week.

B003 I Teahouse_new B003 P Teahouse_new


B007 I Village House_new B007 P Village House_new

Village House/Outbuilding

B005 I Shop-Townhouse_new B005 P Shop-Townhouse_new


B001 I Temple_new B001 P Temple_new


B004 I Large House_new B004 P Large House_new

Large House

B002 I Temple Gate_new B006 I Bridge_new B008 I Walkway-zigzag bridge_new B013 I Walled Gate_new

Temple Gate, Bridge, Walkway/ZigZag Bridge, Wall/Gate Sets (Gate shown)

But wait, that’s not all...................
Victorian Si-fi
First pics also of our new and rather large Victorian Sci-Fi themed range here’s a selection of buildings and also a small factory building as well. The houses all feature stackable floors and these are interchangeable giving you many, many combinations. Ultimately you’ll be able to pick your choice of ground floor, intermediate floor(s) and roof in the combinations and style you want. As well as the factory shown there are many more feature buildings along with a full set of gantries and walkways. More pictures and details to follow soon. Again we’ll have the first releases with us a Salute and details of option will be added to the website soon.

GLA Street 2_new GLA Street 1_new

Fronts showing many of the options and styles

GLA Street 6_new GLA Street 7_new

Back view

GLS Pump 1_new GLS Pump 2_new GLS Pump 3_new

Factory/Pump House

More details and pic of all of the above to come very soon..............................

Until Later,